Triple K SKS Magazine Detachable Metal 7.62×39 5 Round


An extra detachable magazine that replaces the OEM fixed magazine for the SKS, which is a gas semi-automatic carbine, superceded by the Kalishnikov weapons. Imported in large quantities to North America. in the 1990s.


Interface Siminov SKS-45 Compatibility Siminov SKS-45, CSA Type 56, Zastava M59 PAP, Cugir M56, UM GRAMSH SKS, EG Karabiner-S
Type Detachable Double Stack Box Feed Style Double Feed
Caliber 7.62×39 Capacity 5
Fit Type Protruding Body Material Steel
Body Colour Blued Feed Lip Material Steel
Feed Lip Colour Blued Follower Material Polymer
Follower Colour Black Floorplate Material Steel
Floorplate Colour Blued Length (in; cm) ~5.3; 13.3
Width (in; cm) ~1; 2.5 Height (in; cm) ~3.3; 8.3
Weight (lbs; kg) ~0.4; 0.2

Additional Information:

Note:  Due to varying tolerances between different manufacturers of SKS rifles, minor modifications of your firearm may be required to get this magazine to fit and function properly.  Please consult a gunsmith if you are not confident in making such modifications.  This magazine will not work if the SKS barrelled action is installed in a stock or chassis system that is not compatible with the original OEM magazine.

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Weight 0.5 kg

Triple K



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