A. Uberti 1894 Carbine 30-30 Win 20″ Barrel


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There are handful of guns that claim the title “the gun that won the west”, but only one lever action repeating rifle truly won the favour of the hunters and shooters across the country.

The model 1894. Designed with power and practicality in mind, John M. Browning was the innovative mind behind the first sporting rifle that was made to handle the new high-velocity, smokeless powder ammunition introduced in the late 19th century. With its ease of operation, quick handling, and chambering for one of the most popular hunting cartridges, -30-30.

Winchester, the Model 1894 is a classic design that is just as dependable and revered today since its introduction in 1894.

The Model 1894 was a combination of the best features of all previous Winchesters and the cartridges Winchester developed for the action.

No repeating rifle system ever made will appeal to the eye and understanding of the shooter as this will. It’s strong, light and elegant. We can say it’s the lightest gun ever made that handles such a high-powered cartridge. This rifle is a hard, accurate shooter and a strong reliable arm.



Canada Legal Classification Non-Restricted Action Lever
Handedness Ambidextrous Optic Interface None
Rear Sight Fully Adjustable Ladder V-Notch Sight Front Sight Drift Adjustable Blade
Grip Type Stock Integrated Straight Grip Checkered Pistol Grip Cap N/A
Trigger Type Single Action Colour Case Hardened Trigger Compatiblity Uberti 1894
Trigger Pull ~4.5 Safety Lever Actuated; 1/2 Cock
Manual Safety Position Lower Receiver Tang Above Lever; On Hammer Magazine Interface Fixed Tube
Magazine Compatibility Uberti 1894 Magazine Capacity 7
Length (in; cm) 38; 96.5 Width (in; cm) ~1.3; 3.2
Height (in; cm) ~7.3; 18.5 Weight (lbs; kg) 6.40; 2.9
Accessory Interface None


Lever Throw Angle ~85 Action Size Standard
Receiver Type Uberti 1894 Lower Receiver Material Forged Steel
Lower Receiver Finish Blued Upper Receiver Material Forged Steel
Upper Receiver Finish Blued Stock Interfacing Mechanism Direct Attachment to Receiver
Stock Interfacing Mechanism Material Rear Tang Mounted Screw Stock Interfacing Mechanism Finish Polished Blued
Barrel Interfacing Mechanism Threaded Into Receiver Barrel Securing Mechanism Barrel Threads
Barrel Securing Mechanism Material Forged Steel Barrel Securing Mechanism Finish Polished Blued
Recoil Lug None Recoil Lug Material N/A
Recoil Lug Finish N/A Feed Type Push
Ejection Bolt Mounted Spring Loaded Ejection Direction Top
Bolt Type 1 Piece Bolt Material Forged Steel
Bolt Finish Polished Blued Bolt Head Type Fixed
Bolt Lock Rear Locking Block Lever Type Standard Size Straight
Lever Material Forged Steel Lever Finish Colour Case Hardened
Bolt Hold Open None Bolt Release None
Trigger Guard Type Part of Lever Trigger Guard Material Colour Case Hardened
Trigger Guard Finish Colour Case Hardened Trigger Guard Engraving None
Magazine Release Type None Magazine Release Position N/A
Magazine Cutoff N/A Anti-Release Magazine Lock Mechanism Threaded Screw Into Barrel


Stock Type Straight Grip Stock Fit Uberti 1894
Stock Material Walnut Stock Finish Satin
Buttpad Carbine Metal Strap Adjustable Length of Pull No
Default Length of Pull (in; cm) ~35; 14.8 Min Length of Pull (in; cm) ~35; 14.8
Max Length of Pull (in; cm) ~35; 14.8 Adjustable Comb No
Min Drop at Comb (in; cm) ~0.3; 0.8 Max Drop at Comb (in; cm) ~0.3; 0.8
Min Drop at Heel (in; cm) ~0.5; 1.2 Max Drop at Heel (in; cm) ~0.5; 1.2
Adjustable Cast No Adjustable Pitch No


Forend Type Mounted to Receiver and Barrel Forend Fit Uberti 1894
Forend Material Walnut Forend Finish Satin w/ Barrel Band


Barrel Length (mm) 508 Caliber Marking 30 W.C.F
Chamber Size Standard Steel Shot Rated N/A
Barrel Profile Round Tapered Barrel Material Forged Steel
Barrel Finish Blued Chamber Finish Standard
Rifling 6 Groove Twist Rate 1:12
Muzzle Device None Muzzle Thread N/A

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Dimensions 118.1 × 22.5 × 5.2 cm

30-30 Winchester


A. Uberti



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