Winchester® Model 1892 Short Rifle 357 Mag 20″ Barrel


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This Model 92 Short Rifle is in a classic round barrel configuration in two excellent calibers – the 357 Mag. is suitable for hunting and cowboy action duties, while the 44 Rem. Mag. makes its mark as a great caliber for hunting in brushy conditions with fast moving game. Attention to detail is something you will notice like the one-piece steel crescent buttplate just like the originals, and a Marble Arms gold bead front sight that adds a dose of traditional class.


  • Steel gloss blued receiver
  • Round 20″ Gloss blued barrel
  • Lever action
  • Tubular magazine
  • Oil finish Grade I walnut stock
  • Straight grip
  • Crescent buttplate
  • Short forearm
  • Marble’s® gold bead front sight, Buckhorn style rear sight
  • Tang safety
  • Top tang is drilled and tapped for optional peep sight



Canada Legal Classification Non-Restricted Action Lever
Handedness Ambidextrous Optic Interface Barrel Dovetail Rear Sight; Drilled and Tapped Rear Tang
Rear Sight Barrel Mounted Fully Adjustable Marble Arms Buckhorn Front Sight Barrel Mounted Drift Adjustable Marble Arms Brass Bead
Default Sight Radius (in; cm) ~15.5; 39.5 Grip Type Stock Integrated Straight
Pistol Grip Cap N/A Trigger Type Non-Adjustable
Trigger Material Steel Trigger Compatibility Winchester 1892 (Post-64)
Min Trigger Pull (lbs; N) ~5; 22.2 Max Trigger Pull (lbs; N) ~5; 22.2
Observed Trigger Pull (lbs) ~5 Safety Manual (2) Position Tang; 1/2 Cock
Manual Safety Position On Hammer; Upper Rear Tang Magazine Interface Fixed Tube, Receiver Side Gate Loading
Magazine Compatibility Winchester 1892 (Post-64) Magazine Capacity 10
Default Length (in; mm) 37.5; 952.5 Min Length (in; mm) 37.5; 952.5
Max Length (in; mm) 37.5; 952.5 Min Width (in; mm) ~1.3; 3.3
Max Width (in; mm) ~1.3; 3.3 Min Height (in; mm) ~7.3; 185
Max Height (in; mm) ~7.7; 195 Weight w/o Mag (lbs; kg) N/A
Weight w/ Empty Mag (lbs; kg) 6; 2.72155 Accessory Interfaces None


Operating Mechanism ~80° Throw, Rising Blocks, Cock on Open Action Size Standard
Receiver Type Winchester 1892 (Post-64) Lower Receiver Material Steel
Lower Receiver Finish Gloss Blued Upper Receiver Material Steel
Upper Receiver Finish Gloss Blued Stock Interfacing Mechanism Direct to Receiver via Rear Tang Screw
Stock Interfacing Mechanism Material Steel Stock Interfacing Mechanism Finish Blued
Barrel Interfacing Mechanism Threaded Into Receiver Barrel Securing Mechanism Barrel Threads
Barrel Securing Mechanism Material Steel Barrel Securing Mechanism Finish Blued
Recoil Lug None Recoil Lug Material N/A
Recoil Lug Finish N/A Feed Type Push
Ejection Bolt Mounted Spring Loaded Ejection Direction Top Angled
Bolt Type (1) Piece Bolt Bolt Material Steel
Bolt Finish Bushed Polish Bolt Head Type Integral Part of Bolt
Bolt Lock (2) Lever Actuated Locking Blocks Operating Handle Straight Lever Standard Size
Operating Handle Material Steel Operating Handle Finish Brushed Polish Blued
Bolt Hold Open None Bolt Release None
Trigger Guard Type Integral Part of Operating Handle Trigger Guard Material Steel
Trigger Guard Finish Brushed Polish Trigger Guard Engraving None
Magazine Release Type None Magazine Release Position N/A
Magazine Cutoff N/A Anti-Release Magazine Lock Mechanism Threaded Screw Into Barrel


Stock Type Receiver Attached Straight Grip Full Size Stock Fit Winchester 1892 (Post-64)
Stock Material Black Walnut Grade 1 Stock Finish Satin
Buttpad Crescent Metal Blued Adjustable Length of Pull No
Default Length of Pull (in; cm) 12.75; 32.385 Min Length of Pull (in; cm) 12.75; 32.385
Max Length of Pull (in; cm) 12.75; 32.385 Adjustable Comb No
Min Drop at Comb (in; cm) 1.125; 2.8575 Max Drop at Comb (in; cm) 1.125; 2.8575
Min Drop at Heel (in; cm) 1.75; 4.445 Max Drop at Heel (in; cm) 1.75; 4.445
Adjustable Cast No Adjustable Pitch No


Forend Type Endcap Style, Mounted to Receiver and Barrel Forend Fit Winchester 1892 (Post-64)
Forend Material Black Walnut, Grade 1 Forend Finish Satin w/ Steel Brushed Polished Blued Endcap


Barrel Length (mm) 508 Caliber Marking 357 Mag ONLY
Chamber Size SAMMI Spec Pressure Rating SAMMI Spec
Barrel Profile Round Sporter Barrel Material Steel
Barrel Finish Gloss Blued Chamber Finish Polished
Rifling 6 Groove Twist Rate (in) 1:18.75
Muzzle Device None Muzzle Thread (in) N/A

Additional Information:

125 years and still going strong.

2017 marks the 125th year of the Model 1892. Of all the rifles produced in an era often called “the Winning of the West” the John Browning-designed Winchester Model 1892 stands out as an engineering masterpiece. Light, fast, ultra quick to the point, natural . . . . essentially perfect. Of all the pistol caliber rifles of the day, none have become more viable in modern Cowboy Action shooting than the ’92. It’s a good year to get your hands on some history.

The favorite of the Duke and just about everbody. “Fill your hands you . . . ” The Model 92 was elevated to the status of movie star for three quarters of a Century by many of the most famous on-screen cowboys. When you saw a movie with John Wayne, or watched The Rifleman with Chuck Connors you knew that the rifle they used was more than a screen prop. Going back in time, Annie Oakley performed across the world with Buffalo Bill shooting her special smoothbore 1892.

Over a million. Not many firearm models today can boast of having had over one million produced. The Winchester Model 1892, very similar in construction to the Winchester Model 1886, is one of these famous lever-action rifles.

Compact, light and fast. It is much like a compact or carbine model of the famous 1886 and has the same dual, vertical locking system for impressive strength. Many of its components have been scaled down and simplified to handle the smaller calibers, and here is where this nostalgic rifle shines.

What makes it the ultimate lever action? The Model 92 is famous for its light weight, low recoil and responsive, easy handling. It displays a genius of design that makes it a modern-day treasure. The Winchester Model 1892 features a beautifully finished walnut stock, blued barrel and receiver, finely fit with precision and pride.

How to find the model you want. From year to year Winchester Repeating Arms introduces new models and versions of the Model 1892. Your dealer may have both the current model of the year and other previous year models in his or her inventory. An internet search is a key tool when locating these special rifles which are commonly made in very limited manufacturing runs.

One of the most famous Model 1892s of all. Annie Oakley’s smoothbore.

The Model 1892 clearly was a major player in 19th Century history. But this one was one of the most famous of all. Annie Oakley used her special 1892 all across the world as she traveled with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

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Weight 8.8 kg
Dimensions 116.1 × 20.5 × 8.3 cm

357 Magnum





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