Winchester Deer Season XP Copper Impact 300Win Mag 150Gr CEP 20 Round Box


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Deer Season XP Copper Impact ammunition combines our extensive experience into a product engineered specifically for deer hunters. The Copper Extreme Point bullet is a solid copper expanding projectile with an oversized impact diameter. A bigger impact diameter means more trauma, better energy transfer, and larger wound cavities for faster knockdown.


Copper Extreme Point Bullets

Large Diameter Polymer Tip

  • Accelerates bullet expansion for rapid trauma upon impact

Hollow Nose Cavity

  • Creates consistently lethal terminal performance on deer

Solid Copper Construction

  • Delivers supreme energy transfer and maximizes retained weight

Ballistic Profile and Boattail

  • Streamlined profile and boattail for flat trajectory


Bullet Type Copper Extreme Point


Velocity (FPS):

Muzzle 100 Y 200 Y 300 Y 400 Y 500 Y
3260 3001 2756 2525 2305 2096

Energy (Ft-lbs):

Muzzle 100 Y 200 Y 300 Y 400 Y 500 Y
3539 2999 2530 2123 1769 1463

Trajectory (in):

100 Y 200 Y 300 Y 400 Y 500 Y
1.2 0 -5.8 -17 -34.8

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300 Win Mag



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