Winchester® Defender® 12 Ga 2 3/4″ 1oz SRS 1600FPS 10 Round Box


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PDX1 Defender 12-gauge ammunition features a distinctive black hull, black oxide high-base head and a 1 oz segmenting rifled slug. Upon impact, the slug breaks into three equal segments compensating for aim error and providing critical penetration. This unique design is applicable for short and long range situations


  • Programmed Notching on Inside/Outside of Slug
    • Ensures positive expansion and segmenting at short and long ranges
  • Slug Breaks into Three Segment Upon Impact
    • Compensates for aim error and provides critical penetration
  • Stop the Threat®
    • Delivers massive shock with manageable recoil through defensive shotguns



Shell Size (mm) 70
Projectile Segmented (Lead) Rifled Slug
Shot Density (g/cm3) N/A
Pellet Count 1
Pellet Diameter (in; mm) N/A
Wad Standard
Cartridge Hull Plastic
Crimp Type Roll
Head Composition Brass
Head Type High Brass


Velocity (fps):


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12 Gauge Slugs, Buckshot & Turkey Load



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