Winchester® Varmint-X® 223 Rem 40Gr PTRE 20 Round Box


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Varmint X is designed specifically for the demands of predator and varmint hunters. The sleek, polymer-tipped bullets are explosive upon impact. Varmint X combines the proven dependability Winchester is known for with today’s latest technology, providing hunters the ammunition of choice for pursuing everything from prairie dogs to coyotes.

Features (Refer to Image):

  1. Rapid Expansion
    • Polymer tip facilitates quick energy transfer
  2. Fragmenting Bullet
    • Thin alloy jacket and soft lead core create massive impact trauma
  3. Highly Accurate
    • Sleek bullet profile engineered with exacting tolerances



Bullet Type Polymer Tip Rapid Expansion
Bullet Weight (g) 2.6
Bullet Diameter (in) 0.224
Sectional Density (lb/in²) 0.114
Material of Jacket Copper
Cartridge Cases Brass
Cartridge Headstamp WINCHESTER 223 REM
Primer Size Small Rifle
+P Ammunition No
Commercial Spec SAAMI Spec, CIP Spec


Ballistic Coefficient (G1) 0.200
Test Barrel Length (in) 24

Velocity and Energy:

Distance (y) Muzzle 100 200 300 400 500
Velocity (fps) 3600 3073 2605 2181 1801 1471
Energy (ft-lb) 1151 839 602 423 288 192

Short Range Trajectory:

Distance (y) 50 100 200 300 400
Points of Impact (in) -0.4 0 -2.2 -9.6 -24.4

Long Range Trajectory:

Distance (y) 100 200 300 400 500
Points of Impact (in) 1.1 0 -6.3 -20.0 -44.6

Additional Information:

Ballistic Coefficient (BC): The “Ballistic Coefficient” or B.C. of a projectile (bullet) is a measure of its efficiency in flight or how well it is able to overcome air resistance.  The higher the ballistic coefficient, the less velocity a bullet will lose over distance – resulting in less drop at longer ranges and more energy on target.  So, for long range hunting or target shooting, the higher the B.C. the better.

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