Winchester® USA Target & Practice 7.62x51mm M80 149Gr FMJ 20 Round Box


Backed by generations of legendary excellence, Winchester “USA White Box” stands for consistent performance and outstanding value, offering high-quality ammunition to suit a wide range of hunter’s and shooter’s needs.


  • Burns Cleaner
    • Modern propellants reduce barrel fouling
  • Consistent Accuracy
    • Loaded to high standards for shot-to-shot consistency
  • Ideal for Target and Range Use
    • Full metal jacket bullet and brass shellcase reliably cycle in a variety of firearms



Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket
Bullet Weight (g) 10.9
Bullet Diameter (in) 0.308
Sectional Density (lb/in²) 0.253
Material of Jacket Copper
Cartridge Cases Brass
Cartridge Headstamp (NATO Cross) L C (Year)
Primer Size Large Rifle
+P Ammunition No
Commercial Spec No; MIL SPEC


Ballistic Coefficient (G1) 0.456
Test Barrel Length (in) 24

Velocity and Energy:

Distance (y) Muzzle 100 200 300 400 500
Velocity (fps) 2790 2591 2401 2219 2045 1879
Energy (ft-lb) 2575 2221 1907 1629 1383 1168

Short Range Trajectory:

Distance (y) 50 100 200 300 400
Points of Impact (in) -0.1 0 -3.7 -13.4 -30.2

Long Range Trajectory:

Distance (y) 150 200 300 400 500
Points of Impact (in) 1.8 0 -7.9 -22.9 -46.1

Additional Information:

Ballistic Coefficient (BC): The “Ballistic Coefficient” or B.C. of a projectile (bullet) is a measure of its efficiency in flight or how well it is able to overcome air resistance.  The higher the ballistic coefficient, the less velocity a bullet will lose over distance – resulting in less drop at longer ranges and more energy on target.  So, for long range hunting or target shooting, the higher the B.C. the better.

Symbol WM80


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