Winchester® Model 94 Sporter 30-30 Win 24″ Barrel


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What makes the Winchester® Model 94 so exciting is the variety of models available, and each offers a level of accuracy that will impress you. The Sporter model with its traditional straight-grip stock, blued steel crescent buttplate, and the elegant half-round, half-octagon barrel is a nostalgic favorite. The satin oil finished walnut stock is finely checkered with double-line bordering. Note the 24″ half-round, half-octagon blued barrel that’s reminiscent of the original rifles. The hammer is drilled and tapped for a spur extension, which is included with the rifle. The Sporter has a semi-buckhorn rear sight and a fine gold bead on the front.

This rifle features a walnut stock with satin finish, authentic straight-grip styling, bordered cut checkering and a blued steel forearm cap – all which offer a nostalgic look. The blued crescent buttplate slips firmly into your shoulder for a solid hold. The triple-checked, half round/ half octagon button rifle barrel provides and incredible look along with the ultimate in accuracy and precision.

Round locking bolt trunnions help ensure a smooth, quick lever throw. Top-tang safety is easy to see and operate. Rebounding hammer provides an added margin of safety. Bolt relief cut reduces hammer drag for smoother cocking. Radiused lever edges give added protection to your fingers. Hammer is drilled and tapped for a knurled hammer spur extension (included) to aid in cocking and decocking the hammer when a scope is mounted. Marble Arms® front sight and semi-buckhorn rear sight get you on target quickly. Steel loading gate for smoother loading. Articulated cartridge stop improves feeding reliability without damaging cartridges. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts to easily attach your favorite optics.

  • Walnut Stock with satin finish, authentic straight-grip styling, bordered cut checkering.
  • Classic rifle-style forearm with forearm cap
  • Blued crescent buttplate
  • Triple-checked Half Round/half Octagon button rifled barrel
  • Round locking bolt trunnions
  • Bolt relief cut
  • Radiused lever edges
  • Hammer is drilled and tapped for a knurled hammer spur extension (included)
  • Marble Arms® front sight and adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight
  • Steel loading gate
  • Articulated cartridge stop
  • Drilled and tapped for optional scope mounts



Canada Legal Classification Non-Restricted Action Lever
Handedness Ambidextrous Optic Interface Rear Sight Dovetail; Drilled and Tapped Receiver, Tang
Rear Sight Fully Adjustable Semi-Buckhorn Front Sight Drift Adjustable Marble Arms Brass Bead
Grip Type Stock Integrated Straight w/ 22 LPI Checkering Pistol Grip Cap None
Trigger Type Non-Adjustable Trigger Compatiblity Winchester 1894 (Post-64)
Min Trigger Pull (lbs; N) ~5; 22.2 Max Trigger Pull (lbs; N) ~5; 22.2
Observed Trigger Pull (lbs; N) ~5; 22.2 Safety Manual 2-Position Tang, Lever Actuated Trigger Stop
Manual Safety Position Rear Receiver Tang Magazine Interface Fixed Tube
Magazine Compatibility Winchester 1894 (Post-64) Magazine Capacity 8
Default Length (in; mm) 42.5; 1079.5 Min Length (in; mm) 42.5; 1079.5
Max Length (in; mm) 42.5; 1079.5 Width (in; mm) ~1.3; 3.2
Height (in; mm) ~7.6; 19.5 Weight (lbs; kg) 7.5; 3.40194
Accessory Interfaces None


Operating Mechanism ~90° Throw, Rising Locking Block Action Size Standard
Receiver Type Winchester 1894 (Post-64) Lower Receiver Material Steel
Lower Receiver Finish Brushed Polish Blued Upper Receiver Material Steel
Upper Receiver Finish Brushed Polish Blued Stock Interfacing Mechanism Direct to Receiver via Threaded Rear Tang Screw
Stock Interfacing Mechanism Material Steel Stock Interfacing Mechanism Finish Blued
Barrel Interfacing Mechanism Threaded Into Receiver Barrel Securing Mechanism Barrel Threads
Barrel Securing Mechanism Material Steel Barrel Securing Mechanism Finish Blued
Recoil Lug None Recoil Lug Material N/A
Recoil Lug Finish N/A Feed Type Push
Ejection Bolt Mounted Spring Loaded Ejection Direction Top Angled
Bolt Type (1) Piece Bolt Material Steel
Bolt Finish Bushed Polish Bolt Head Type Integral Part of Bolt
Bolt Lock (1) Rear Rising Locking Block Operating Handle Lever Straight Grip Standard Size
Operating Handle Material Steel Operating Handle Finish Brushed Polish Blued
Bolt Hold Open None Bolt Release None
Trigger Guard Type Part of Lever Trigger Guard Material Steel
Trigger Guard Finish Brushed Polish Trigger Guard Engraving None
Magazine Release Type None Magazine Release Position N/A
Magazine Cutoff N/A Anti-Release Magazine Lock Mechanism Threaded Screw Into Barrel


Stock Type Straight Grip Full Size Stock Fit Winchester 1894 (Post-64)
Stock Material Black Walnut, Grade 1 Stock Finish Satin
Buttpad Crescent Metal Adjustable Length of Pull No
Default Length of Pull (in; cm) 12.75; 32.385 Min Length of Pull (in; cm) 12.75; 32.385
Max Length of Pull (in; cm) 12.75; 32.385 Adjustable Comb No
Min Drop at Comb (in; cm) 1.25; 3.175 Max Drop at Comb (in; cm) 1.25; 3.175
Min Drop at Heel (in; cm) 1.75; 4.445 Max Drop at Heel (in; cm) 1.75; 4.445
Adjustable Cast No Adjustable Pitch No


Forend Type Mounted to Receiver and Magazine Forend Fit Winchester 1894 (Post-64)
Forend Material Black Walnut, Grade 1 Forend Finish Satin w/ 22 LPI Checkering, Steel Forend Cap


Barrel Length (mm) 609.6 Caliber Marking 30-30 Win. ONLY
Chamber Size Standard Pressure Rating Standard
Barrel Profile Half Round, Half Octagon Barrel Material Steel
Barrel Finish Polished Chamber Finish Standard
Rifling 6 Groove Button Rifled Twist Rate (in) 1:12
Muzzle Device None Muzzle Thread (in) N/A

Additional Information:

Accurate, Exquisite, and Smooth. The Model 94 Rifles and Carbines being made today surpass the quality and craftsmanship of any Model 94’s made before. The button rifled barrels are triple checked at the factory, ensuring optimal accuracy. The smooth walnut stocks combine compliment the richly blued steel of the receiver and hardware. Round locking bolt trunnions help ensure a smooth, quick lever throw, imitated but unparalleled by the competition. The edges of the lever are radiused, making the operation of the lever comfortable. Go and hold one – try cocking the hammer and working the loading gate. Everything on the gun operates as smooth as silk, yet it feels solid and dependable.

The ultimate lever gun. This rifle became the Model 94 Winchester. It was the ultimate iteration of Winchester levers and, although coming at the end of westward expansion, is often called “The Gun that Won the West.”

The proven performer for over a century. No greater names have ever been linked together more solidly than Winchester® and the Model 1894. Early on in 1862, Oliver Fisher Winchester began Winchester Repeating Arms Company and followed with a series of fine rifles like the 1866, 1873 and 1876. Then John M. Browning came along with numerous other designs which became legendary Winchesters, like the Single Shot 1885, Model 86 and the Model 92 among others. Then, in 1893 he presented to Winchester a model that was a perfect match for the new 30-30 smokeless cartridge, ushering in a new era in firearms development.

A few good reasons to own a Model 94 Winchester. There are a number of good reasons that the Model 94 Winchester is still a solid choice for big game hunting. It is true that many hunters over the years have moved to bolt actions for longer range hunting — like out in the West for example, where cross canyon shots are common. That is well and good. But even in the 21st century, the most hunted big game animal in North America — the Whitetail — is in brushier, nastier, tighter conditions than ever. In fact, the urbanization of the Whitetail is one of the most studied topics by wildlife biologist these days. If you are whitetail hunter you are likely going to be hunting in these kinds of conditions. And being able to get on target and make a good shot is something the Model 94 has been proven to do for over 110 years.

Fast. Very Fast. Its light weight, quick pointing characteristics, ease of cycling the next round, overall responsiveness, and choice of good calibers makes it an excellent choice for deer and even black bear. Many consider the Model 94 the ultimate rifle for training a new shooter too. There is an intrinsic level of interest generated when you put one in the hands of a young shooter. And the skills learned in loading, handling, operating and shooting transfer to every type of hunting.

  • Lots of steel and wood. It’s just made the old fashioned way. Lots of durable steel parts that feel solid and reliable.
  • Incredible design. John Moses Browning really outdid himself when he designed the Model 94. The mechanism is smooth and precise. The ergonomics are practically perfect. The action is strong and simply not prone to wearing out.
  • Solid lockup. The John Browning design was created to handle the newest type of ammunition in the world at the time: smokeless powder loads. And it is still handling them. The Model 94 has been chambered in some of the meanest calibers ever developed for fast action in brushy conditions.
  • It’s a lifetime gun. Some rifles come and go, but a Model 94 just builds a lifetime of memories. It is one gun that your family will appreciate long after you are gone. It’s a gun your great grandson will learn to shoot with. Timeless.
  • Today’s we have the ability to make great barrels for every Winchester no matter what the action type . This means the 94 is more accurate than ever. And there are more bullet choices too. And factory ammo is a lot more affordable than some other calibers, making it something you can afford to shoot.
  • It’ may seem like the opposite of today’s MSR, but lever actions have a lot in common with today’s modern sporting rifles. 110 years ago our ancestors bought 94s because they were cool, fun to shoot, fast handling and had high magazine capacity. Sound familiar. As for us, we are certain the Winchester Model 94 is one of the most amazing rifles ever made.
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30-30 Winchester





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